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Sully's Roast Beef Sub

I'm going to guess that you've never heard of Sully's in the north end of Halifax. If you like real Montreal smoked meat, oven baked subs, and other such taste temptations, you need to check it out.

Street Food: Rocky's BBQ, Halifax's Best Meat on a Stick

If you're out and about at night in Halifax, the night generally ends with a donair, schwarma, pizza, or meat on a stick. If you're a lover of meat on a stick and you grew up in Halifax, your mouth is already watering just thinking about Rocky's pork skewers.

2012 Halifax Lasagna Festival (or close to it)

Have you ever had a favorite bar or pub, where the food was good, the folks were friendly, and you'd go there when you just wanted something from a menu that you knew would be good no matter what you ordered? For me, the Fickle Frog is a perfect example of just such a place.

Willy's Donair Poutine

Donair Poutine. Don't you love the way it rolls off your tongue as you say it? It's almost like it's lubricated with lots of gravy and cheese curds.

Slider Invasion, Pulled Pork Edition

Clay West is a fairly new bar up in Bayer's Lake. The owners took over Kokomos, and changed out the decor (good bye straw roof!) and also changed out the menu for something made with more locally sourced ingredients. The result? do read on...