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Bananas... wrapped in bacon?!

If you're a regular reader you'll know that last night I made some Atomic Buffalo Turds, and my mouth took its merry time coming back from the forest fire that ensued. But If you've opened a whole package of bacon, you have to do something with all of it pretty quickly.

Spicy Appetizer: Atomic Buffalo Turds

Atomic Buffalo Turds. What on EARTH could they possibly be? Mouth wateringly good, as it turns out - not to mention simple to make! You'll definitely win appetizer competitions with these, as long as everyone loves spicy food.

Spicy Hawaiian Dogs

Lots of folks are putting new twists on old food - anything to innovate and make folks try something new and different. Unfortunately, lots of these innovations just aren't anything more than the marketing department casting a line into the pool and seeing if anything bites. Purple ketchup, for instance.

Thankfully, the grand master of steamed dogs at @HFXFL have come up with something both innovative and tasty.

Potato Skins at the Loose Cannon

I was downtown before a meeting with a friend tonight, and we stopped in at the Loose Cannon for a quick drink and a snack.

Running out of ingredients isn't a problem, it's a bacon opportunity!

Sometimes you're part way through making some cheap and quick comfort food, like Kraft Dinner, and you realize much to your horror that you're out of either milk or butter. What do you do? Improvise!