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Welcome to I Ate That, a new site aimed at the foodie in all of us. Feel free to share anything tasty with us!

Poutine Disappointment: Donair Poutine at Smokes Poutinerie

It's not often I get my hopes up to try something only to have them thrown on the ground like a cigarette butt and then stomped on heartily. However, it does happen from time to time.

Bananas... wrapped in bacon?!

If you're a regular reader you'll know that last night I made some Atomic Buffalo Turds, and my mouth took its merry time coming back from the forest fire that ensued. But If you've opened a whole package of bacon, you have to do something with all of it pretty quickly.

Spicy Appetizer: Atomic Buffalo Turds

Atomic Buffalo Turds. What on EARTH could they possibly be? Mouth wateringly good, as it turns out - not to mention simple to make! You'll definitely win appetizer competitions with these, as long as everyone loves spicy food.

Street Food: Rocky's BBQ, Halifax's Best Meat on a Stick

If you're out and about at night in Halifax, the night generally ends with a donair, schwarma, pizza, or meat on a stick. If you're a lover of meat on a stick and you grew up in Halifax, your mouth is already watering just thinking about Rocky's pork skewers.

Fun with Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes (well, most people love 'em). Some people add blueberries, some people add apple, the dessert minded add a smattering of chocolate chips.

But it takes a foodie to add oreo cookies.