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Food Clothing - Garlic

Check out this awesome shirt! If they aren't selling these online to foodies, they should be.

A burger with bacon - and bacon jam!

Everyone who likes bacon has had a burger with bacon on it. Maybe you really like bacon, and have gone to Wendy's for a baconator. It's even possible you went for a code blue here in Halifax.

But if you like bacon, this burger's for you.

Unplanned Cooking: Quick and Easy Breakfast Wraps

Sometimes there's mornings you want something awesome for breakfast, but don't want to spend lots of time making it, and don't want to go somewhere else to get it. Here's a quick idea for an easy, quick and filling breakfast wrap.

Sweet Potato Skins and Perogies

Clay West has some of the best deals in Halifax on local pub food with a twist. Check out their perogies and sweet potato skins!

Slider Invasion, Pulled Pork Edition

Clay West is a fairly new bar up in Bayer's Lake. The owners took over Kokomos, and changed out the decor (good bye straw roof!) and also changed out the menu for something made with more locally sourced ingredients. The result? do read on...