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Spicy Hawaiian Dogs

Lots of folks are putting new twists on old food - anything to innovate and make folks try something new and different. Unfortunately, lots of these innovations just aren't anything more than the marketing department casting a line into the pool and seeing if anything bites. Purple ketchup, for instance.

Thankfully, the grand master of steamed dogs at @HFXFL have come up with something both innovative and tasty.

2012 Halifax Lasagna Festival (or close to it)

Have you ever had a favorite bar or pub, where the food was good, the folks were friendly, and you'd go there when you just wanted something from a menu that you knew would be good no matter what you ordered? For me, the Fickle Frog is a perfect example of just such a place.

Weekly Series: Street Food

With the onset of a very wonderfully hot and sunny summer, I'm going to be doing a weekly piece on street food. Street food can be anything from a hot dog cart right over to a full gourmet food truck. If all goes well, I'd like to get folks from every part of Canada to participate and send in photos, writings, and other street food tales.

Drop me an email and let me know what you'd recommend from your town or area.


I am now ruined for all future desserts

Not only am I now ruined for pretty much all future desserts, I believe I have also broken the laws regarding maximum chocolate density per slice of dessert.

Willy's Donair Poutine

Donair Poutine. Don't you love the way it rolls off your tongue as you say it? It's almost like it's lubricated with lots of gravy and cheese curds.