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Potato Skins at the Loose Cannon

I was downtown before a meeting with a friend tonight, and we stopped in at the Loose Cannon for a quick drink and a snack.

Recipes from Mom - Florentine Bars

Maybe its just my perspective, maybe it's really true. Either way from where I sit my mom was an awesome cook.

Running out of ingredients isn't a problem, it's a bacon opportunity!

Sometimes you're part way through making some cheap and quick comfort food, like Kraft Dinner, and you realize much to your horror that you're out of either milk or butter. What do you do? Improvise!

Bistro Le Coq

For a taste of France in little old Halifax, check out Bistro Le Coq. Ambience, taste, service. It has it all.

Home Made Pulled Pork Burgers

Just a teaser photo of lunch today. Home made pulled pork, lightly toasted buns (do them at ~225F for 5 or 6 minutes), a slice of cheese and 2 slices of sandwich pickle. yum!