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Street Food at the Blue Donkey Streatery

Fast and tasty food in Toronto can always be found at the Blue Donkey Streatery. You just need to find out where they've parked today! Why do you need to find them? The Blue Donkey is a street-side truck, serving awesome food right from the side window.

A friend and I found the Blue Donkey near Queen and Jarvis in Toronto about week or so ago, and found their menu filled with new and interesting things. A friend and I decided to each get a gyro, one chicken, one beef, and split them.

Now, those of you who know me know that I do have somewhat of a weakness for donairs. Gyros are something like a donair, but the spices in the meat are different, and the sauce is generally more like tzatziki than donair sauce. No matter what they're like, they're still usually quite palatable.

These gyros were straight up awesome. The meat was done to a T, the sauce was just the right kind of smooth compared to the spices of the meat, and the fries (yes, there are fries inside!) added the perfect texture and flavor contrast to everything else. For those of you who think fries in a pita is unusual, you just have to try it! Fries in a club wrap are especially good.

While I started with the beef, halfway through we switched it up, and truth be told the chicken gyro was just as awesome, I don't think I could even pick a favorite between the two. How can you choose between two pitas flled with heaven?

We also got a small sample of the ouzo mayo... very unsual, but SO tasty. I'd even potentially try it in place of Venus Pizza's garlic sauce found on their amazing schwarmas. Definitely something I'd like to experiment with more in future.

If you're in Toronto, follow @BlueDonkeyTruck on twitter, find out where they are today, and drop in!

The βλυε ΔΟΝΚΕΥ


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