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Running out of ingredients isn't a problem, it's a bacon opportunity!

Sometimes you're part way through making some cheap and quick comfort food, like Kraft Dinner, and you realize much to your horror that you're out of either milk or butter. What do you do? Improvise!

I had one of those irrational craving moments, where that urge for good old Kraft Dinner just hits you, and you decide to throw some on the stove just to keep your stomach quiet. I had the noodles all drained, the cheese powder open, and I realized I had no butter in the house.

Now, normally, you can make KD without butter, and it's not all that bad. However, I had something else in the house that's far more interesting than butter, and far tastier too. Bacon Jam.

Bacon jam is to strawberry jam as bacon is to a strawberry. It may sound wrong - or it may sound right - but either way it's pretty amazing stuff. Adding the bacon jam in place of the butter gave the KD a rather overpowering taste of bacon and only bacon (which is never a bad thing usually) but just to even it out I added some parmesan cheese and a little parsley for color. Definitely hits the spot if you like to mix up your KD a little!

Some folks will think this is like lipstick on a pig.. it's still a pig. But if you close your eyes...

Thanks to Nadine, the first lady of bacon jam, for the goods!


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