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Poutine Disappointment: Donair Poutine at Smokes Poutinerie

It's not often I get my hopes up to try something only to have them thrown on the ground like a cigarette butt and then stomped on heartily. However, it does happen from time to time.

Unfortunately, my donair poutine experience at Smoke's Poutinerie was one of those times. I had noted their sign back in June, which immediately perked my interest up, and then lots of folks on Twitter were raving about how amazing the donair poutine experience was. My sights were set pretty high, but the experience did not meet the expectation.

So, you are asking, how on earth did this donair poutine fail to make your taste buds dance with joy? Let's break it down into 2 simple reasons:

  • The donair meat was not "real" donair meat.
    Ok, I know, lots of folks who are reading this are thinking "donair meat? is that even meat?", and yes, it is actually meat (make your own! It's easy!) However, Smokes has chosen to use some brand of pre-packaged donair meat which just does not capture the donair experience. Photo #4 has a good shot of the last part of the donair meat in my poutine - I'd challenge anyone to find a good Halifax donair that has meat like that in it (and if you do, let me know.)
  • The construction of the whole poutine.
    The construction you say? What on earth could that have to do with how good the poutine is? In response I suggest that you try going to any decent sub shop and ordering your meat and toppings outside the bun, and see what kind of success you have with that. I want photos if you do it, too.
    The fine folks at Smokes assemble a donair poutine by making a regular poutine, dropping 3 half-slices of the above-lamented donair meat on top, adding some onions, some tomatoes and some sauce. It's more like a poutine wearing a donair wig, with an onion comb over than anything else.

Now, all things considered, there are reasons to like Smoke's donair poutine too. They do have very good fries (although personally I like them a little crispier than they do them by default), and you could easily invite part of a small third world country to join you for a large, and nobody would go home hungry.

I'll likely head back to Smokes at some point in the future - but I won't be ordering the donair poutine again.


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