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Fun with Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes (well, most people love 'em). Some people add blueberries, some people add apple, the dessert minded add a smattering of chocolate chips.

But it takes a foodie to add oreo cookies.

Start with your favorite pancake batter, make it 10-15% thicker than normal by putting in a little less liquid. Pour a small pancake, 2-3 inches across at most, and wait till bubbles form in the top. Move quickly at this point, pour another pancake of the same size, and put your cookie on top of the first pancake, pressing it down just so it gets into the batter a little. Once the second pancake gets the bubbles you saw in the first, flip the first over on top of the second and use a fork to press the sides down sealing the cookie in. let it cook a little longer... and presto! you have an oreo cookie wrapped in pancake.

What could make this better, you ask?

Coat your pancake'd oreo in nutella. (if your mouth wasn't watering before, it is now. Or you don't have taste buds.)

The filling of the oreo ends up with the consistence of a roasted marshmallow, it soaks into the cookie, and everything ends up a little gooey and very, very tasty.

I've included a photo of my first attempt, which was me thinking I should fold up the pancake like an omelette.. no. It took a second attempt to get things right. No matter how messy it looked it was still tasty!


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