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Bananas... wrapped in bacon?!

If you're a regular reader you'll know that last night I made some Atomic Buffalo Turds, and my mouth took its merry time coming back from the forest fire that ensued. But If you've opened a whole package of bacon, you have to do something with all of it pretty quickly.

Today's bacon fun was pretty simple, and took about an hour in the toaster oven. I started with a larger banana, broken into 3 pieces (you only ever see two in the photos since the first part was for testing. Can't show you all the mistakes after all!). It was then rolled in brown sugar - a completely un-necessary step, as it turns out - and then carefully taken and wrapped in bacon, and again rolled in brown sugar. Into the toaster oven for an hour at 350, and you have a very nice candied banana wrapped in bacon. yum!

Turns out you don't need the brown sugar at all, the banana's sweet enough without it, and the bacon fat sort of makes it all run off anyway. Next time I make these - and there will definitely be a next time! - I need to use stronger bacon as the bananas are overpowering, and I think there may have to be a liberal application of nutella.

Anyone want me to cook them dessert? Twisting my arm into cooking something fun for you starts with a like on Facebook!


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