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Welcome to I Ate That, a new site aimed at the foodie in all of us. Feel free to share anything tasty with us!

Boom or Bust? BOOMburger opens in Halifax

BOOMburger - a PEI creation - is now open in Halifax on the other side of Larry Uteck Boulevard from Sobeys. They have burgers, hot dogs, PEI potato fries, and poutine. Do they measure up? I had to find out.

Thai Peanut Chicken - A Winner for Potlucks!

So you've been invited to a pot luck. You're a horrible cook (or you think you are!) and you have no idea what to bring.

Spend about $40 on some really, really simple groceries and you'll completely wow everyone with a slow cooker dish made with salsa, chicken, spices and... peanut butter.

Sully's Roast Beef Sub

I'm going to guess that you've never heard of Sully's in the north end of Halifax. If you like real Montreal smoked meat, oven baked subs, and other such taste temptations, you need to check it out.

Cheachie's Dirty Sanchez

Ever taken a detour to somewhere new and unusual, just because you wanted to see what was cooking, so to speak?

You can find some well hidden gems in Halifax with a little bit of effort. I got lucky this week with a visit to Cheachie's in Bayer's Lake.

Mint Kit Kat Bars

How could anyone improve upon the awesomeness that is a Kit Kat bar? Someone has tried, and while their heart was in the right place, they could have done better.

Now, don't get me wrong - Mint Kit Kats are still pretty awesome. No complaining here, they are exactly what they say they are, and they're tasty.